From WICC to Hof van Wageningen

The history of Hof van Wageningen goes back over forty years. The building was opened as a residence and training accommodation for foreign agriculture students by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1972. At the opening the building had 147 bedrooms, a large number of conferencerooms and a buffet restaurant.

Over the years, the building became known as Wageningen International Conference Centre (SURFACE). The hotel and conference center was owned by Wageningen UR, the collaboration between Wageningen University and the Agricultural Research Service. In 2006 Wageningen UR decided to reduce the number of locations. The operation of a hotel and conference centre wasn’t their core business, so the WICC was put on display.

Then director Jaap Venendaal took over the shares and converted the former WICC to the independent hotel and conference center Hof van Wageningen, with 169 rooms, 26 conferencerooms with a total capacity of 1500 people, great year at la carte restaurant and a cozy bar. The three-star hotel and conference center is now a part of the Jaap Venendaal Group. This group also owns Hotel de Wageningsche Berg, Hotel World, Landgoed Avegoor, Hotel Frerikshof and the restaurants O Mundo and Koekoekpizzapannenkoek.